Gaming Scandals and Bankruptcies in 2015: Sports and Gambling’s Megastories of the Year

 Gaming Scandals and Bankruptcies in 2015: Sports and Gambling’s Megastories of the Year

Ah yes, gaming scandals and bankruptcies. Why must this be a category in gambling news by the end of every 12 months?

Of all the video gaming scandals and bankruptcy news in 2015, arguably the story that is biggest of most ended up being the arrest and indictment of 14 FIFA executives, but not President Sepp Blatter.

Because, unfortunately, bankruptcies and scandals are apparently unavoidable in a high-stakes globe where fortunes are won and lost in a matter of seconds.

2015 had not been immune to scandalous news, including a whopper involving widespread corruption at FIFA; a multi-million buck lawsuit against a star poker player who was accused of cheating; a longtime poker magazine closing up shop; one of golf’s best players accused of participation in an illegal gambling ring; and an alleged insider trading situation that may alter the landscape of day-to-day fantasy activities forever.

But allow’s start at the top.

FIFA Gets Kicked

Match-fixing in soccer at the walk out occurs on a regular basis. But alleged fixing of World Cups is definitely an ball game that is entirely different.

This summer, key officials within FIFA, professional soccer’s governing body, were rounded up by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and charged with widespread, systemic corruption. The charges included fraud, cash laundering, and bribery. All while FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter somehow avoided prosecution Læs videre “Gaming Scandals and Bankruptcies in 2015: Sports and Gambling’s Megastories of the Year”

Lottery Fraud Investigation Goes Nationwide

Lottery Fraud Investigation Goes Nationwide

Ex-lottery official Eddie Tipton, who is suspected of fixing lottery draws in at the least four more states beyond the fraud perpetrated in Iowa.

A probe into lottery repairing in the US escalated this week as authorities expanded their research nationwide, fearing that an ex-lottery worker convicted of fixing the Iowa draw may have pulled the trick all in the united states.

Eddie Tipton, 52, the former director of data security at the Multi-State Lottery Corporation, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in September for rigging the Iowa Hot Lotto game in an attempt to claim a $14 million prize.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Tipton installed a self-destructing hack program to ensure the random quantity generator used into the draw on December 29, 2010 picked his numbers.

He additionally tampered with surveillance digital cameras so his installing the software could never be detected.

Anonymous Claimant

An attempt had been initially made to claim the prize by way of a Canadian guy called Philip Johnson, who claimed he was too sick to collect the amount of money in person, but the claim had been turned down because Johnson was unable to validate he ended up being the dog owner of the admission.

Johnson phoned again a few days later stating that the ticket was, in fact, owned by an individual who wanted to stay anonymous. The Iowa lottery again turned down the claim in the grounds that the rules forbade anonymous payouts.

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